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stocks go up endlessly as part of romney's promise to go for north american self-sufficient energy. remember, romney wanted to get there by drill bit. obama wants to get there via renewables. if you buy the coal stocks, you're fighting a coal-hating eta that just got four years of new life. these stocks are sells even after today. i think they still go lower. there's no safety net. if you insist on coal exposure because you think china is coming back, may i suggest you buy one of the rails. how about union pacific? i understand natural gas moves up a little bit when the utilities are not going to reach anymore. it may make sense to be in one of those stocks. union pacific is the best in show. i will add that union pacific has the further to fall. but it is certainly going to be the winner of the group. second, the defense stocks. double whammy. you might be buying defense stocks because of romney wanting to save the navy from sequestration. now you're most likely going to have sequestration. time to do some trimming. how about the china fashion -- bashing stocks themselves? governo
was this question about who was the leader of the democratic party. i don't think you'll see mitt romney be a part of that conversation. i would imagine he'll take some time off and kind of heal from all of this. a loss is a loss. and then decide for himself. i actually would not be surprised if we don't really see him on the national political scene much anymore. >> certainly, it is tough because you put your heart and soul into this many campaign. it is hard for him. high profile republicans are treating mitt romney like a pinata now, and that is not the gop strategy to court hispanic voters. a lot of moderates jumped on the mitt romney bandwagon. theyn't waed to raise him up and see him win. where do these moderates now turn for a leader and a leadership role in their party? >> i think a lot of these folks are looking towards 2016 already. i'll be honest with you. 24 hours later, the body is still twitching a bit, and the phones started ringing about who's next, who are we going to talk about, who's going to be the leader of the party? the first thing you need when you have a problem is first a
part the last of mitt romney. but for the party he's leaving behind, the debate is just beginning. does the gop adapt, or does it fade into relevance? is this the party of lincoln or the party of rush limbaugh. joining me is megan mccain, columnist for "the daily beast and msnbc contributor. on election night she tweeted, quote, my party has to evolve or it's gooding to die. hogan go aheadly, he's worked for both rick santorum and mike huckabee. thank you both for joining me. >> thank you. >> thank you, reverend. >> what ails the party, in your opinion? >> i think we haven't reached out, and i think gale marriage is trending, and for whatever reason, this obsession with social issue says killing us. it was a difficult night, and one of the most popular things i've ever tweeted, and i think this is a harsh reality that we're facing right now. but i'm not shocked or surprised. i knew this when my father lost. i've been ostracized from my party, that i've discussed this with you before. if you're not going to start accepting people like me, this party is going to die. >>> now, hogan, let m
. piers where is the economy headed and where are the republicans headed. why is mitt romney blew it. ? ♪... ♪... ♪... choose the perfect hotel as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios >>> what happened to your mate, mitt romney? >> he didn't get it done. >> why? >> you know, he didn't get the minorities and the women. so he had an issue with that population. i think he is a wonderful man but it is over. >> the president has to be commended for what a campaign. he came in now with a tough record and he didn't have to shave his mustache. >> his voice tone never changes. his analysis of where the republicans have gone wrong here pushing themselves so far out in the nominee race to the right it was almost impossible to come back. >> it is a tough place to be. >> i mean he is a hero and for this job if you like management you like what they did. if you think about the country's problems the fiscal cliff and the regulatory wall. it is important to knock it down if we are going to get the jobs back and the ec
the problem with mitt romney it depended on the time of day and the week on where he was. that was part of the problem. when you have a guy who agrees in the first debate, which everybody everyone says he won, he agreed with barack obama on seven of the ten issues. instead of drawing bright lines, blurring them to do this passive aggressive campaign, where you say i'll be a better manager, but not tell you where i stand. people will go with the politician they know, not the one they don't know. >> eric, are you just saying that what the gop had was a mitt romney problem or a gop problem? if it is, what do you think it is? >> i think it's both. part of the problem republicans have, they have been successful for 30 years and have forgotten they can't just talk inside the echo chamber. they have to explain things to people. it's hard to woo hispanic voters when they think you hate them. they get that vibe from republicans. >> it's wait the message is delivered? >> freedom and equality of opportunity sell to everyone. the republicans have a great message, but they have to remember that peop
, you know, the disavowel of minority voters assumption on the part of the romney campaign they weren't going to show up to the polls in the same way angry white voters were. i don't think anyone on our side, the republican side understood or competent mended how good their turnout would be. democrats do voter registration like a business and republicans leave it to the blue hairs. sasha? >> republicans don't fundamentally understand what mobilization is. what democrats understd because they've worked with behavioral psychologists to run experiments to get to underlying ideas of getting somebody to do something they're not used to do, you need to sort of change the psychological and social dynamic around voting. republicans send people direct mail about issues, about the candidates, about the stakes of the election, they send voter guides. they don't understand the persuasion and mobilization are two different modes of interacting with people. this is a major conceptual gap between the two parties that stands between them, even being sensible about investing resources. >> sasha, i wou
the gop had was a mitt romney problem and what do you think it is? >> i think it is both. part of the problem that the republicans have is that they have to go outside the echo chamber. when you are talking to hispanic voters it is hard to woo them when you hate them. they get that vibe from republican ares. >> you think the message is delivered -- >> freedom and opportunity sell. they have to remember that a lot of people come from countries. >> there are thing that is republicans need to fix. we are against big government. get government out of our lives we saw excitement from ron paul. we saw youth there. that is the future of the party. we can't cheat and cut across the track when it agrees with us. >> eric, kristen, alex, ari thank you very much. send me a message on twitter. coming up tonight what is next for mitt romney. is he going to go a way and disappear from the national stage when we continue. questions? anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yeah. one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues w
not be facing new adversarial relations promised by mitt romney. >> in china, hu jintao congratulated obama on a partnership based a mutual respect, and for his part, vladimir putin spoke of the election as a positive step. >> obama supporters celebrated his victory in moscow. a few russians joined american expatriate's to celebrate obama's second term, delighted at the news from the other side of the atlantic. >> mitt romney always spoke of russia in negative terms. of course i did not like that. that is why i was rooting for obama to win. >> obama always said he did not want another cold war, and that is a huge positive for the relationship between the u.s. and russia. the reaction from the kremlin was less enthusiastic. after putin was reelected, several meetings were scheduled and then canceled until he finally met with obama this summer. moscow was struggling to maintain its status as a world power, and that has made for confrontation with washington on a number of issues, from the war in syria to missile defense in europe. >> here, that ties are viewed as the norm, but that is not nor
would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me. >>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking? 15 succeeded in setting their houses on fire. at christmas, there was a lot of driving over the river and through the woods. and a little bit of skidding on the ice and taking out grandma's garage door. so while you're celebrating, allstate will be standing by. trouble never takes a holiday. neither should your insurance. that's allstate's stand. are you in good hands? ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] this is karen and jeremiah. they don't know it yet but they're gonna fall in love get married, have a couple of kids, [ children laughing ] move to the country, and live a long, happy life together where they almost never fight about money. [ dog barks ] because right after they get married they'll find some retirement people who are paid on salary not commission. they'll get straightforward guidance and be able to focus on other th
as romney was expected to. but also part of fiscal cliff situation here, 500 billion dollars in defense spending cuts scheduled to kick in on january 2nd unless an agreement is able to be reached by white house and congress. on that note we also have some breaking news coming in from standard and poors right now. remember the firm that downgraded the u.s. credit rating last summer, they are saying if the government is unsable to agree on fiscal tightening, then the rating will be pressured. they say there's a 15% chance the u.s. goes over the fiscal cliff. liz: that's important breaking news. the ratings agencies which already some of them downgraded us a year ago august would say they would have to revisit that issue? >> that's what they are saying. it would be pressured is their terminology. the headlines just crossing right now. boeing bucking the down trend just quickly first year they are on pace to outsell rival airbus out of europe since 06. liz: that's big news. hey, thank you very much. let's look at it, boeing here year to date. it's been flat to slightly higher, choppy tradin
: the president secured a second term thanks in part to building a massive ground game, coupled with an eay iestment in negative television ads defining romney. to get a better understanding of how mr. obama did it, and for an inside look at what hindered romney's campaign, we talk with three journalists covering different aspects of the race. they are philip rucker of "the washington post, who has been traveling with romney all year. carol lee of the "wall street journal," who covers the white house. and slate columnist sasha issenberg, author of the book, "the victory lab, the secret science of winning campaigns." now in new york city. carol leigh let me start with you. at what point did the obama campaign, did the obama team begin to think about how they wanted to position themselveses and how did they do it? >> very early. they-- the first step that they took was to determine that they were going to run in a terrible economy, and they needed a message that would be sailiable, regardless of what was happening in the economy, so they settled on this notion that they wanted to make the ele
-- romney et al. looked at this election and say, my god, we're alienating a rising part of the electorate, we have to make right with them and there is common ground to be had on immigration. there's a grand bargain to be struck there. >> ifill: there's a grand bargain to be struck on little things. there may be agreement on the dream act. is there a grand bargain aptite for a larger overhaul? >> my hunch is that republicans, who can't keep losing hispanic voters the way they were they are, are going to be more conciliatory. harry reid said i can get 90% of the democrats to back comprehensive sweeping immigration reform and i think he may get it because republicans then path for them is a path toward permanent minority status displen pure politics of it, not because there's a better idea someone has come up with and put on the table. >> i don't want to bever singicle-- >> ifill: no, not you. >> ther this is a problem that o be solved for the about the of of the country but i think these things happened when there's a crise or political imperative. >> i also think, gwen oimmigration, this
. the president did not bring his a game. part of it was, romney had a huge advantage going into it. any challenger in the first debate wins by just showing up. it was a hyper advantage for romney. all romney had to do was not look that evil. >> he had been to about 20 debates. >> the debate brought the election back to where it had been. it was really close. neither one would get a mandate. >> the democratic convention was a pretty interesting moment. democrats were not as dispirited. the debate you raised that impression, but not entirely. the republicans had a 1950's view of america. nuclear family. that is how their nominees have been. democrats come from dysfunctional homes and triumph over nontraditional circumstances. it is a different world. i think it led to some under estimation of the democratic coalition. >> the underlying assumption of romney's campaign. they cannot turn out what they did in 2008. young people cannot turn out like they did in 2008 when somebody cannot find a job, and yet they did. that knocked the republicans on their heels. hispanics and young people increa
story line on why romney lost on the "today" show today. here is the first part of that excuse. >> they decided they're going to have this negative personal campaign to try to convince people that romney was a bad person. they didn't attack his policies very much. they said he was a vulture capitalist, that he was a bona fide bureaucrat married to an equestrian. dr. peterson, first the president's camp didn't call romney vulture capitalist, rick perry did. >> exactly. >> second, how does haley barbour say with a straight face that romney was innocent of negative campaign tactics? i seem to recall about 37 lies delivered in about two weeks. >> i mean, again, this is unfathomable and maybe a little bit of a waste of our time. remember, we did address and attack the policies. he just kept changing positions. when we wanted to talk about reproductive rights for women, he want 20d change his position. it's not that people didn't deal with romney on the issues, that's the campaign and pundits and news media. it was a very, very comprehensive, i think, engagement with what mr. romney
double digits. 10% nationally for the first time. and had is not only part of the president's victory coalition, this is a long term generational crisis for the republican party. seven in ten votes among latinos nationally for the president. 27% for governor romney. it's not just nationally, you look at states like nevada where the white vote is smaller why? because the latino vote is nearly 70% in the state of nevada. the white vote smaller, why? latino vote, nearly 20% of the vote in the state of nevada. the president gets 71%. can't win. you can't win. the on other side can't win. in colorado, much more of a white vote. 78%. and latinos, 14%. and the president getting 75%. let me shift walls, one more minute of your time. i want to show you this. nevada used to be a swing state in presidential politics, colorado used to be republican, and florida a swing state in presidential politics, if democrats keep getting 66%, 70% of the latino vote, watch this. the darker the area, the higher the latino population, so in navy, colorado, and new mexico, it's almost game over. in florida, stil
than me. >>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking? [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> how could you not know who -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> idiot. >> jerk. >> dummy. >> whore. >> stephanie: oh, the whore. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. let's go to ray in texas. hi, ray. >> caller: good morning. >> stephanie: good morning. >> caller: we have been watching a lot more fox now, because it's so fun. >> stephanie: now it is fun. >> caller: this is my explanation, the obama campaign used a dandy little document called the 2010 census, and found out we're greener more women, and more browner, and 49% of the population is now gray-faced men with $2 haircuts and they are going to have to move to the left which is the new right if they want to keep their seats in this congress or people are just going to shut them down, leave the religion and the race behind. >> stephanie: yep. >> now republicans are asking where are the white peop
were attacked on the point of redistribution. whether romney made those attacks so he could get support for some parts of his coalition, i cannot speak to. i think the president's coalition made it up. >> i think the president offset those attacks. many seniors voted for robb may even though they thought the ryan plan would drive them away. he won enormous margins. democrats want to prevent cuts for programs and in the process short changed the same per. >> the issues on health care and tax reductions and health care and medicare, etc, the issue is beneficiaries. the president was specific about beneficiaries. >> is there a generational -- there's an older population that is still 80% white and a younger population that is very diverse, what do you think about the dead issue? how is the generational lens apply to the fiscal consolidation text some people said it lowers the bird and others say that paul ryan is saying we will leave medicare the way it is but one younger people get there, it will be different theme that question is more interesting. >> i'm not sure it is sustainable >> it
or elsewhere, the economy ought to be on track to do quite well. we're out of the worst part of this economic mess. some economists said that mitt romney would keep that promise if he had been elected, of 12 million jobs, because the economy was already on track to produce those under obama's policies. so that's on the positive side. but i totally agree with your analysis of the election in terms of the middle class and what economic changes the voters were looking for. obama won that industrial belt, what had been and may again be the industrial belt, from wisconsin and michigan to ohio to pennsylvania. with the votes of working people, african-american, latino, and white. and i think it's very important, when you see the effect of the auto rescue in ohio, for example, 60% of the voters in that state said it was a good thing, and they voted overwhelmingly for president obama. that's a signal of the kind of policies that people want. they don't care if it's a lot of government or a little government. they want it to work. and the auto rescue worked. >> richard, what about political capital? y
fireworks show over boston harbor as part of a victory celebration. the boston globe reports the romney campaign contracted with the same firm that handles boston's fourth of july fireworks and obtained a permit. but of course they ended up with nothing to celebrate. >>> a dramatic moment in a tucson courtroom today. the former congresswoman, gabrielle giffords, stares down the man who tried to kill her. we have new details from her would-be asass sin's sentencing hearing today. but not from germany. ♪ a powerful, fuel-efficient engine, but it's not from japan. ♪ it's a car like no other... inspired by a place like no other. introducing the all-new 2013 chevrolet malibu, our greatest malibu ever. ♪ [ male announcer ] it's that time of year. time for campbell's green bean casserole. you'll find the recipe at ♪ campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. 100% new. 100% mmm... wow, that is mmm... it's so mmm you might not believe it's a hundred calories. new yoplait greek 100. it is so good. >>> important meetings going on at the white house up on capitol hill
an ally. >>> your thursday "pulse," some postelection laughs. it's one part of the outcome that took away from the cameras, the concession call from mitt romney to the president. >> we have an idea of what took place, thanks to jimmy fallon last night. >> this is my confession call. congratulations. you did it. >> hey, now. everything okay? you seem a little down. >> it's just, i really wanted to be president. i was going to create 12 million jobs. >> well, look. buck up. you created one job, except it was for me. >> all right. very funny. you got me. you know, i can laugh at myself. ha, ha, ha. >> always wonder what that call really is like, how awkward or tense or maybe genuinely, you know, pleasant it is. you have to wonder. >> i think we'll have to continue to wonder. >> yeah. >>> well, now, some video you have to see. first, a simply unbelievable heist from the u.k. >> the robbers did not bother with any getaway cars. they drove their motorcycles straight into a shopping center. clearly, they knew what they were doing and where they were going. they stopped right in front of the jewe
, again, it is fundmental part of campaigning, and romney let the romney campaign let that summer go unanswered, let all the bain attacks go on unanswer. on medicare, on the offensive immediately, and look where we are. we are pretty much in the same place with the house. the house campaigns negative early, and the results are very apparent that that, again, works. is just for the future, i -- i look at this again as, like, a learning experience. this is, you know, 2004 all over again. it just -- republicans are the one with the wakeup call this time instead of the democrats. those sides have changed, and we need to -- we need to look back at this election and, you know, again, review our turnout techniques and go from there. >> thank you, blaise. electorat nor, distinguished writer, published many books, contribute to ""newsweek" magazine and daily beast website and a guest on the syndicated talk show. what's going on from your perspective and what's it mean to america. >> first of all, my chair is lower than the two ladies on the right and left. >> that is true. >> i'm ten feet tal
, it is a fundamental part of campaigning. romney led -- the romney campaign and let that go unanswered, let all those attacks go unanswered. there was a problem. as he saw on the other side, we look at the house. they did the exact opposite. once they knew they were attacked on medicare, they went on the offensive immediately and look where we are. we're pretty much the same place at the house. the house campaign went negative early and the results are very apparent that it again works. and so, just for the future, i look at this again as learning. this is 2004 all over again. the republicans are the one with the wake-up call this time instead of the democrats. so decide i've changed and we need to look back at this election and they can review our turnout techniques and go from there. >> thank you, blaise. i'm going to turn to eleanor clift. she's a distinguished writer, contributor to newsmagazine a daily beast website and a panel or syndicated talk show, the macaw clicker. but having from their perspective? >> first of all, my chair is lower than the two ladies. but for my political hits, a 10 fee
-- the problem with the republicans -- they have some very ideologically driven voters, but part of the republican base is more open to voting for democrats than the democratic base is to vote for republicans, i believe. that even example. heidi is a terrific candidate in north dakota. mitt romney one north dakota by 21. and i was able to overcome that. it is true that she -- that the president one north dakota slightly less than -- at mitt romney 1 north dakota at slightly less than the president's won massachusetts. but the republican coalition includes kind of a soft swing voter that is inclined to vote republican, but as more willing to vote for democrats. john barrow in georgia, the republican candidate was horrendous. a challenger refused to debate the incumbent. [laughter] i didn't say it was a bad decision, i just said it says something about the challenger. i think this is an additional problem. it is easier for moderate, centrist democrats to feel the republican voters than for i moderate, centrist republicans to feel for democrats. there is a lot of stuff to talk about
't like -- they didn't like his style. >> i think that's part of the reason anyway why mitt romney -- why conservatives never fell in love with mitt romney because he never went that far. i think they knew he was more moderate than he was letting on. and also that he did say things like the president has a good family. he's a good man. i just disagree with him. i don't think conservatives -- and you tell me -- felt like he savaged the president enough. like he didn't bring out the knives sharp enough after the president. >> mitt romney? >> yeah. like it was never personal enough. >> well, i just remember talking to people very close to the president who said, who are they most afraid of? what candidate would they be most afraid of who could really give president obama a run for his money? it was jon huntsman. i guess republicans don't like winning either. i'm serious. >> the responsibility lies with the candidate to pull voters to him. and i will say in mitt romney's case -- >> yeah. >> -- mitt romney had 100 different sister soulja moments over the past three years he could have taken. w
. this caused them to overestimate romney's likely vote in the swing states. they were wrong. those who rejected electorate in 2008 were right. lesson learned all around. poll aggregator real clear politics was not part of the study. but it correctly predicted every state with florida still undecided. the biggest money loser in the general election campaign was casino mogul sheldon addleson who spent $53 million on the romney effort as well as funding senate and house races off. of his candidates lost except one. nevada senator-elect dean heller defeated addleson foe shelly berkeley, a democrat. forbes put it in perspective. $53 million may sound like a chuck of change, it's not much for a guy worth $20.5 billion. imagine an average person with $100,000 net worth, buying a pair of shoes for $250. you'd care if you lost them, but you wouldn't be ruined. finally one kentucky candidate learned the hard way that every vote counts. robert mcdonald finished in a dead heat with to livia bilou for time seat on the walton city council. one vote that was not cast would have put him over the top. only one
, romney would have won ohio. that's a mechanical turnout operation. >> i mean, the most stunning part of this is barack obama's turnout operation and his political team, what they did was nothing short of extraordinary. extraordinary. but mike, look at these numbers. 2006. democrats won independents by 16 points. in 2010, republicans won independents by 16 points in the off-year election. two years later, republicans are wiped out. you have parties that rise and parties that fall. not in 40-year increments like we were used to. in two, in four-year increments. >> yeah. and you have to think that part of that must be rooted in the rhetoric, the language that so many americans heard for so many months in the republican primaries. you know, that scared some people among us, a lot of people among us, clearly. so my question to you, doris, in terms of history, the language of this campaign sometimes verging on the abusive to us, the voters, it's not new in history. it's not new in campaigns. i mean, lincoln heard it running for office. >> no. in fact, we sometimes we look like we're wimps
that debate, opposition soften the bit. also remember mitt romney this is the mandatory health care plan in massachusetts. he didn't really emphasize an attack on obamacare as part of his campaign. a lot of conservatives are second-guessing but romney campaign for not being more forceful about that. what we have known for some time is older people are suspicious of obamacare, that their benefits won't be the same and the quality and access for older americans will be diminished. there was a lot of political energy out there but it dissipated somewhat and the republican nominee didn't focus on the issue. dagen: take care. connell: walmart announcing it will kick off its holiday sales rush. 8:00 thanksgiving day, the earliest start they ever had. dagen: is walmart a buy at a holiday season? today's trade. cheryl: retail for the christmas holiday, this is a huge, the biggest for the retailers, they are gearing up and a lot of folks want to look at their portfolio as far as what retailers they want to own heading into the shopping season. the dow down today, that is microsoft, looking at wal
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 77 (some duplicates have been removed)